Dubsmash.com by Steph

Dubsmash.com is a new trending app that went viral, this is my funny attempt at a viral video!
My experience with dubsmash.com was fun and addictive. You can literally be who ever you want to be and practice you’re acting. When I was making the videos, I was on the app for probably 2 hours at a time just trying to find the funnies things people would say. These are some of the ones I liked the most.

DSLR vs Mirrorless: It’s the Little Things

Cameras have been used for many years and are slowly developing. They are being integrated into our daily lives with cell phones, tablets, automobiles and even toys. The newest type of camera to hit the market are mirrorless full frame cameras. This will help show the difference between a mirrorless camera and DSLR cameras. Looking into the performance, different features and lenses/accessories will determine the roles these cameras give to the consumers. Which camera would be superior? or would there be a difference?

A DSLR is a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera, one of today’s best professional cameras, with one of the best qualities. “Reflex” means a mirror that reflects the image from the lens onto a screen, which allows us to see the live image through a prism to capture photos and focus. The mirror flips out of the way when it is exposed, so the light can hit the image sensor to capture the photos. These are some of the performances that a DSLR hare.
Mirrorless cameras are a broad range of small new cameras that have DSLR-sized image sensors and often have interchangeable lenses. Mirrorless cameras also use a rear LCD or electronic viewfinder to show us an electronic image directly from the image sensor before the picture is taken. These are some of the “Mirrorless” cameras qualities and how they perform.

Lense & Accessories:
Lenses and Accessories are a really important part of a photographer’s arsenal. Without a variety assortment of lenses it would be difficult and time consuming to get the wide angle shot or macro shot that you are trying to achieve. DSLR cameras would give the consumer a big variety of lenses that ranging from cheap lenses to professional expensive lenses while Mirrorless cameras have a small number of lenses that fit the frame of the camera, however, it is slowly increasing. DSLR cameras have optical viewfinders (OVF) while the Mirrorless camera has an electronic viewfinder (EVF). The difference between these viewfinders would be that the EVF actually sees what the camera is viewing and would benefit in showing motion blur as well as automatically boosting the brightness in dark locations. OVF relies on light passing through to the cameras sensor which will provide better clarity, dynamic range and instant view of what is going on without delay. The Mirrorless camera has attachments that can be bought to improve the camera to fit different lenses with an adapter or make make the EVF into a OVF.

When it comes to these two types of cameras, there are many features that should be taken into careful consideration. While these cameras share all the features consumers have come to expect from professional cameras, they still have both advantages and weaknesses on either side. I will briefly discuss the most noticeable differences that most greatly impact the purchasing decision. When it comes to size, the mirrorless camera will always be noticeably smaller in addition to having a slightly lesser weight. If a person is looking to travel lighter or walking around a lot with his camera, he should definitely consider the weight and portability of his camera (Diallo). However, if using a camera for a longer period of time is more important to the consumer, he must take the battery life into consideration. When the battery lives of these two cameras are compared, the DSLR wins by a landslide. This is due to the fact that the DSLR does not have to constantly use the LED screen unlike the mirrorless which only offers the LED screen option (Baguley). Image previewing is another feature that must be considered when comparing the two cameras. When shooting in low light locations, it is very important to know how an image will turn out. No one wants to end up back at home after a lot of hard work just to find out the images are far too grainy once opened on the computer. For these low light image previews, the DSLR camera is the better option. If the photographer is interested in taking photos in motion and wants the highest frames per second, then he will want the mirrorless for ability to provide the highest frames per second at a more affordable price (Baguley). The rest of the features these two cameras share are similar enough in quality and ability to make the decision come down to a consumer’s personal preference.

In conclusion, when considering which camera choice is going to be the one for you, there will be a lot of variables to think about. For the experienced photographer/videographer a DSLR will most likely be the camera for you. However, for people looking to enter the field or just for casual use than the mirrorless camera should be your first choice. It is important to note that the mirrorless cameras are quickly advancing and should soon surpass the DSLR’s in quality and performance. As for now, the statements above you should hold true for your camera purchase decision.

Animals in the city


This shot was taken in the city of Toronto, I Wanted to capture the most innocent and living thing in the city, and for me that was these pigeons. With all the pollution and busy streets, they still manage to live there. It’s fascinating how they can live and survive with the fast pace life of the city. This picture is showing them drinking rainwater from a puddle in their city life habitat.

for more fascinating information about pigeons go to


Fellow photographer friend..

Interviewing Aaron, I found out that the style of photography he likes is portrait and landscape. In the feature he plans on Graduating with a double diploma for photo and video afterwards, doing some more studies in the arts and then moving out to California to try and make it big with his connections. Much like the fames Steve McCurry, he plans on focusing on those two types of photography. Steve McCurry is famous for his photo ‘Afghan girl,’ taken in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. This photo was named the most recognized photo of National Geographic. Like Steve McCurry, Aaron wasn’t always planning on being a photographer. He started off with going to school to be a policeman and then realized it wasn’t his calling. He then started looking in to photography, he always liked photography as hobby, but never thought he would go to school for it, much less get paid for it. Aaron is a very dedicated and creative photographer. He will be successful in his future plans.

You can find some of Aarons photos on
500px @ https://500px.com/VisionAiry

My style..

Campos_StephWhile I was creating my mini portfolio I first thought about what type of style I would want people to know me by. And the first thing that came to mind is what style do I like. I have a broad range of different styles I like. I like architecture shots, candid shots in the city, Studio fashion shots, family shots, special events, landscape, and much more, so I thought I should narrow it down to a smaller list. So I picked candid shots in the city, studio, and special events. My on line pictures that I post on 500px show a little of all of the styles I like. When choosing the theme for my series of five portraits, I picked more of a studio fashion look to should all the different lighting techniques in the studio. After piking the theme I picked my model and chose the ones that would best portray my theme. The first two I did is of the same girl; she has that old style look to her so I thought it would fit perfectly. The “Umbrella Girl” has that mysterious/Asian look to her, and I thought her turned way from the camera with the umbrella, would show just that. The next one you see is of a girl with her face covered by the hood of her jacket. I took this picture in the middle of winter frustrated with the weather, so I took this one to take out my frustration. The idea behind “Lady in Yellow” was just a fashion shot with little use of harsh shadows. The last one I posted is of my good friend Josh, again one of my fashion shots but with a lot more shadows, which I love. I am intrusted in a lot of different styles like I said and my 500px account shows just that.

the link bellow is a small sample of my shots